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Available Training Presentations

  • Computer and internet forensics
  • Child pornography prosecution and discovery
  • Child sexual exploitation crimes 101
  • Child witness interviews
  • Coping techniques for law enforcement
  • Investigative distinctions: child sexual predators and cyberstalkers
  • Emerging technologies in investigations
  • Grooming, online enticement and social networks
  • Impact of work exposure to child pornography
  • Interacting with child victims, witnesses, and experts
  • Interviewing and interrogating offenders
  • Investigating and prosecuting federal cases
  • Juvenile prostitution
  • Managing a child exploitation crimes task force
  • Mobile technology
  • On-scene forensics
  • Presenting medical evidence in child sex cases
  • Prosecuting child trafficking cases
  • Selecting a jury in a sex crimes trial
  • Sex offender management
  • Understanding trial publicity in child sexual assault cases
  • Working with child advocacy centers

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